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The GSD Materials Collection is a physical and digital collection of materials, ranging from innovative, new materials to those found everyday in the constructed environment. The collection allows for both intuitive, tactile browsing, and non-linear searching of various database categories. Each material entry is composed of a physical sample linked to an online database that may be searched by name, vendor, composition, form, production process, or property. By foregrounding material composition and functional traits, the collection allows users to rethink conventional applications and promote material experimentation in design practice. Explorations in material research find expression through publications, exhibitions, colloquia, and course offerings that examine the research interests of the GSD.

The Materials Collection was developed in 2003 and continues to be expanded by student, faculty, and library support. During the summer of 2011, the GSD Materials Collection merged with Visual Resources, making a shared collection, exhibition, and teaching area.


Recently Acquired Materials

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Silva Cell
Sugar Beach: Toronto, Canada

Hand Moldable Plastic
  Reynobond with EcoClean
Self and Air Cleaning Metal Sheet
Natural Fiber Composites